Frequently Asked Questions

Cost of Attending

What is the conference fee (accreditation fee)? 

The accreditation fee mentioned in each letter refers to the fee of registering for the conference. It is $350 CAD. This fee covers the cost of a continental breakfast, lunch and a snack each of the five days of the conference. It also covers the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as your admission to all programming.

How one might get funded for travel and accommodation; are there international grants? 

There are many local and international grants participants can apply for. We recommend that each playwright first research which arts and travel grants are available in their home country. We will be sharing a list of international grants in the next few weeks and months. Playwrights can also apply (through WPIM) to a bursary subsidized by the Norwegian Writers Guild. We will be sending out guidelines on how to apply later next year.

What is the process for conference registration and deadlines for registering? 

Online registration will open on our website in the latter part of 2021. We will share the link and registration instructions on all social media and in an email to all participants.

What accommodations will be available in Montreal? 

WPIM is working with local hotels to secure a reduced rate for conference participants. Additionally, participants may choose to stay at other hotels or rent from locals. We are also working to find billeting accommodation with local artists and supporters.

How much will the other expenses cost? 

(Food expenses, travel expenses, accommodation, local travel) 

Food expenses will be the cost of any food purchased before or after the conference or
to supplement the food provided by the conference. The average price of a full meal in Montreal is $15-30 CAD, a snack $5-15 CAD, and coffee $3-10 CAD.

This also could include drinks (average price $5-15 CAD) if the participant wants to explore Montreal’s nightlife. 

Travel expenses will vary based on where the participant is travelling from.

Accommodation will cost about $250/night for a double room, ($125 per person) if the participant is staying at the hotels where WPIM has a group rate; we are in the process of renegotiating with hotels for 2022, so these prices may change. 

Local travel expenses will depend on where participants stay and how much they explore Montreal. Public transportation costs $3.50 CAD per ride and the hotels and Dawson College are located near Atwater metro, which is wheelchair accessible. A cab ride or Uber from the hotels to Dawson College would cost approximately $15 CAD.

About the Conference

Where will the conference take place?

The conference will be held at Dawson College, which is on Atwater and Sherbrooke in Westmount, Montreal.

How many plays and playwrights are you inviting and which parts of the world do they come from?

We have chosen 84 plays to be a part of the official conference programming at the Montreal conference. The playwrights come from every continent except Antarctica!

Who else, other than playwrights, is being invited?

We are inviting directors, scholars, translators, actors, producers, agents and other artists and professionals who work in the theatre and performance world.

Who is going to be running the workshops and what are the topics addressed in the workshops?

Playwrights, scholars, performers, and directors will be leading workshops covering a range of dramaturgical, aesthetic, and political concerns that women and non- binary playwrights face. MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW.

Full Productions

How many shows are you expecting for 'full production'? And an estimated number of audiences for each show?


There will be about 10-12 full productions at the conference, with 2-3 performances per night depending on the length of each play. The audience for each will be up to 183 people, as that is the capacity of the theatre.


What will be the system for PRODUCTION subtitles?

Super titles in English and French will be projected onto a screen above the stage. We will arrange translations with playwrights closer to the conference dates.

Staged Readings (Full and Excerpted)

Which languages can the staged readings be performed in?

Staged readings must be in French or English.

Will the festival hire and cast actors for readings?

Yes. WPIM will hire and cast local, trained professional actors for the full staged readings and readings
of excerpted plays.

Will the actors and technicians be paid for their work?

Yes. WPIM will be paying all actors, directors and technical staff involved in the conference.

What will the topics of the Q&A be?

The question and answer period after each reading will cover whichever topics the audience wishes to ask the playwright about.

Will there be an opportunity to present the playwriting landscape of the countries each writer comes from?

Playwrights will be able to guide this however they see fit and can address the political, cultural and geographic context that they come from.

Will there be an opportunity to present/talk about other pieces of my work in the Q&A, i.e. should I be thinking of having translations of my other work ready by then?

No, the question and answer period should only address the work given a staged reading at the conference. It is fine if other plays come up or if a question addresses the playwright’s career, but there is no need to bring translations of any other work.

Is there a charge for audiences to attend the staged readings?

The staged readings are free for all participants registered with the conference.

How long are the excerpted staged readings?

The excerpts should be absolutely no more than 20 minutes in performance so please time yourselves before submitting your excerpt.

Will the excerpts from plays be read/presented by actors and if so, is there a limit on the cast size?

The excerpts will be presented by professional actors. There is no limit to the cast size, although obviously huge casts cannot be accommodated.

The Writers Playroom

What is the Writers’ Playroom?

As mentioned in the preceding page, Writers' Playroom offers the playwrights whose work could not be included in the official programming of the conference an opportunity to share their work and get feedback from their peers. This new addition at WPIMontréal formalizes the tradition of ad hoc script readings at past conferences where playwrights have just found a room and asked a few friends to read their work. While not part of the official conference programming, this initiative will be organized and run by our staff, in the hopes of offering as many playwrights as possible the opportunity to participate. It will be a safe and relaxed environment for writers. A sign-up sheet will be posted where playwrights can sign up to have an excerpt of their work read aloud or to help read another playwright’s work. Writers will have the opportunity to guide their own reading - WPIM staff will be there to ensure everything runs smoothly. The playroom will last a few hours each day and will overlap with other conference programming. Please note that the Writers’ Playroom will not be connected to any other organization or festival except the WPIM Conference to share their work.

Can you send out letters of invitation for the playroom?

We can absolutely send out letters of invitation to help playwrights secure funding to attend the Writers’ Playroom. Please contact us directly at: to request one. 


Will there be a virtual playroom?

We are currently creating a system for an online Writers’ Playroom where playwrights can engage before the conference takes place. This virtual playroom will be the perfect opportunity to stay connected while the conference is postponed. Please stay tuned for more details.

Current Status to Enter Canada (COVID)

"Fully vaccinated foreign nationals will be allowed to enter Canada for discretionary travel on the following dates if they meet specific criteria:

  • August 9: American citizens and permanent residents of the United States, who currently reside in the United States, who meet specific criteria to qualify as fully vaccinated

  • September 7 (tentative): All other foreign nationals who qualify as fully vaccinated

The 3-night hotel stopover requirement ends for all travellers scheduled to arrive by air after 12:01 A.M. EDT on August 9." (Government of Canada Website)


Current vaccines accepted by Canada: Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD COVID-19 vaccine, Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) COVID-19 vaccine.

Please see for further information regarding planning to enter Canada: